Nord Ships Group Sp. z o. o. [Ltd.] has been existing in the Polish shipbuilding market for more than 15 years. Initially, the company consisted small group of workers and without specialized technical infrastructure began to implement first orders for the shipyards in Gdańsk and Gdynia. After several years of hard and honest work, the first office in the Gdańsk shipyard was opened. There were more and more skilled workers. The company purchased new equipment to be able to realize current tasks in accordance with the requirements of the shipyard. Initially, the company dealt with the hull work and other steel work in the shipyards in Gdańsk and Gdynia. It performed general hull repairs and prefabricated ready-made sections of newly constructed units for the expanding sector Offshore.

In 2012 the company established cooperation with the eastern market. Several new departments in the company came to existence along with new areas of activity. Among others there was a pipe department, where initially only repairs and inspections of bottom – board fittings were performed. Pretty soon the company proved to its Customers that also in this branch there are no better contractors.

In 2014 a welding department was established. There, under the supervision of a qualified Welding Engineer, we began to train and examine future welders in this specialistic maritime sector. The hull and pipe departments were also developed. The pipe department gained specialized facilities to carry out repairs, services and modernization of piping systems and fittings.

In 2015 we started new orders in the Oil & Gas and Offshore sector.

In 2017 permament pipe spools fabrication was started for different systems and owners. New contracts of cooperation were signed. Safety & Health Management System OHSAS 18001:2007 was implemented to prove that company know what its mean SAFETY FIRST and to increase level of safety during work.