Projects and Products

Our huge potential in working teams show that we work non stop, everywhere and safely on the most major offshore projects. Our clients choose us because we are trustworthy and flexible, and we are able to assist with each manpower what its needed.

We spent more than 30 000 manhours monthly for repairs, conversions and other offshore projects, on all kind of vessels in several departments and branches like: mechanical, piping, steel and outfittings, insulations, painting and cleaning, electric ect.

Monthly we repair and service aprox. 15 vessels for different owners and ship operators.

To encrease range of scopes of works that we do, we offer also ready to install – Container Modules with piping installation inside including equipment for Ballast Water Treatment process, Scrubber installation or any other. Container is prefabricated and fully equipped according to owner or design office documentation and delivered on board ship or to designated destination. An order for this kind of ready modules consist:

  • steel prefabrication of container construction incl. frames, supports, ladders ect.
  • piping instalation inside (prefabrication, installing and commisioning/ testing)
  • installing equipment like Alfa Laval components or any other manufacturer
  • insulation of walls inside
  • electric works and connections
  • painting, sandblasting hot dip galvanizing if needed each of components
  • delivering of container to designated place and installing to ship systems
  • Conainer/ Module can be prefabricated for ship purpose or any other like oil & gas rafinneries on shore or other industry.

The huge advantage of these Modules is that owner can create or modificate present or future installation on low costs, still stayed flexibile and reliable for other companies and manage it all over the world!