Geometric measurements of piping and steel constructions for repairs at sea.

Faulty piping (eg due to corrosion) can be measured under marine conditions. The accuracy of the measurement is 1mm.


What we do?

After the measurements are taken, an isometric drawing is prepared for the fabrication of the new replacement pipe. The isometric drawing can be made on the basis of an existing drawing, showing the right dimensions needed to fit the pipe for replacement. In the absence of an undercoat with an isometric drawing, a new isometric drawing can be made.

Fabrication of the new pipe can be carried out in a workshop on land, and after checking the dimensions can be delivered to a ship or an oil rig and installed without welding

Rysunki techniczne

We facilitate modifications by creating a 3D model



On the basis of the measurements, a 3D model can be created, which will allow designers to modify or design new elements of piping or steel structures in such a way as to avoid collisions with other elements on the ship,

After designing modifications or new elements to be added to the ship, their fabrication may begin in the workshop conditions while the ship is normally operating at sea. Then, after fabrication of new elements, they can be quickly installed on the ship during a visit to the shipyard or port



Benefits for customers

1. Avoidance or minimizing the need for a ship’s berthing in shipbuilding conditions,
2. Keeping piping on board in good technical condition through ongoing servicing, minimizing the risk of breakdown,
3. Minimization or total exclusion of the need to weld on a ship while minimizing the risk of fire,
4. Possibility of using one contractor who will measure the geometry of the faulty piping, fabricate the piping for replacement, and then install it   on the ship providing a comprehensive service,

Narzędzie pomiarowe

Laser scanning



In the case of larger measurements, or when the object to be measured is not available, we use the Z + F 5006h precision laser scanner.The scanner makes it possible to measure over a million points per second with an accuracy better than 1mm, we also carry out measurements with a laser scanner in sea conditions during the normal operation of the ship.This allows you to exclude the need for a ship’s berth in the shipyard during the design phase,

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