Piping Plant Department

Based at many years of experience in shipbuilding industry, Nord Ships Group offers wide range of production services of pipe spools or pipelines, for every industry.

Our services are mainly dedicated to:


  1. maritime industry (shore and offshore sites)
  2. pharmaceutical industry
  3. chemical and biological industry
  4. heavy industry (steel mills, mines and shipyards)
  5. food industry
  6. aviation industry

The performance of pipes and entire lines is based on international quality standards in Europe and in America. The material is adjusted to the customer’s requirements or according to the received characteristics of the destination (defined medium). The service can also be carried out at the customer’s site, if we are dealing with a service or repair service.


Materials as well as tools and employees have appropriate certificates, which are honored all over the world. Finished products are made on a modern production hall. Delivery of the finished product to the customer is agreed individually with the ordering party.

Rysunki techniczne

The pipelines are made on the basis of measurements at the place of installation or according to technical documentation provided as an isometric or other drawing in the CAD version.


Our production team consists of highly qualified supervisors and control staff as well as an international group of specialists dealing with pipeline production on a daily basis, in total of over 200 people.


In our offer we also have inspection and repair services for valves of all types and sizes, also for each industry.


During the performance, we put a strong emphasis on employee safety, as evidenced by the introduction of the OHSAS 18001: 2007 Safety Management System as well as ISO 9001: 2015.


We invite companies and individuals from the country and abroad to cooperate with us.