We must be sure that the Client gets everything what he needs, so we offer unique service for Pipes & Valves Sector. Nord Ships Group offers global repair services for all types of vessels, every time when the pipelines or valves need to be checked, repaired, rebuilded or supervised.

We know how important is the sentence : ” SAFETY FIRST ” on ship board, thats why our services are fast, well prepared and competitive regarding prices.


Nord Ships Group offers well equipped Valves Workshop, which can perform all kinds of works regarding ship valves. It is portable 40 feet long unit so it can be transported to any place in the world. Our specialized team all the time is ready to perform all types of work on board, in the shipyards or ports.




This is unique kind of services, because we know the priorities of the Owner. This type of service can:


  • reduce the ship repair cost
  • be done faster than in the shipyard stay (docking)
  • be done during the vessel sea passage without any delays and extra time for repairs
  • certain the Owner that the ship workshop, ship equipement and tools will be not used or damaged during the repair
  • be performed everwhere around the world where it is required



For more info about this service please contact with our Inquiry & Offers Manager , Mr Michal Korzonek