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Our services:

We specialize in inspections and regenerations of industrial valves and prefrabication of steel pipes (carbon / stainless steel / special steel). We also make steel structures of all types. We cooperate with experienced design offices and specialized diving company. We provide our services in European shipyards and ports as well as directly on board ships. We provide a short mobilization time and a free work valuation.

About us:

We deal with the prebafrication of pipelines and steel structures for the maritime and land industry. Thanks to the constant commitment of our qualified personnel, clearly defined goals and commitent to safety and quality, we successfully compete with the largest European corporations. We are a good alternative for many shipowners from Western markets. The constant development of the company and thoughtful investments make the offer of our company dynamically and effectively respond to the latest trends in the maritime industry. Thanks to the high flexibility and extensive base of our business partners, we successfully carry out even the boldest and most complex tasks. Our company is appreciated by many domestic and foreign customers – they appreciate us, among others, for the speed of action and a comprehensive and insightful approach to solving technical problems. Please contact us!


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Nord Ships Group is present on the maritime business for many years.
Short execution time and top quality of our services are mandatory for NSG!

Valves repairs and regeneration

We carry out inspections and repairs of industrial and ship fittings. After renovation, valves undergo leakage testes in the system or in the workshop. We also carry out inspections and repairs of fittings installed bellow the waterline with the cooperation of divers. We work with trusted suppliers of fittings and spare parts for valves.

Prefabrication of pipelines

We manufacture and repair steel pipelines. We work with alloyed and unalloyes steel. We make new pipelines according to customer documentation or according to our measurements. New pipelines can be connected by flanges, welded, sealed or bolted. We also perform surface maintenance on pipelines such as sandblasting, hot dip galvanizing or painting. We select inter-flange seals in accordance to the requirements of the entire installation.

Ballast water filters

We manufacture and renovate ballast water filters. We use carbon and stainless steel for production. Filters are manufactured accordance with the submited technical drawings. We perform tightness tests of manufactured and renovated filters.

Repair of kingston piping (seachests)

We carry out inspections and repairs of the entire spaces of the ballast boxes. The area of the ballast boxes includes: safety gratings, chest, suction pipelines, butterfly valves, cathodic protection, filters. Works may only be performed when the vessel is docked.

Stainless steel products (SST)

We manufacture stainless steel components of various types. We prefabricate pipelines, tanks and other elements used in the marine operations. We use among others steel types: 304, 316 .

Steel structures

We prefabricate supporting elements for pipelines and specialized marine devices. We produce steel rooms, containers, ladders, companionways, rails and structures for the offshore sector. We use steel from proven suppliers, with certificates according to the client’s recommendations or design requirements.

Gratings for seachests and thrusters

We carry out repairs and production of bottom safety gratings. Safety gratings are used to protect ballast boxes and at the outlets of outboard ballast tubes. They prevent from sucking larger elements under the water into the ballast system or protect the bow thrusters from damage.

Design Office

We cooperate with reputable Polish design offices that are experienced in the maritime industry. Our offers are, among others, piping installation designs, adaptation designs for BWTS systems, steel construction design etc.

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We cooperate with many Classification Societies:

We are producing pipes and steel constructions. We fabricate stainless steel strainers/filters.
We are overhauling different types of valves.


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